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Activation off accounts Empty Activation off accounts

Post  [ADMIN]ASWAN on Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:15 pm

Attention to all players!

To reduce "kicks & Lags" and inactive accounts, we decided to block all accounts!To reactivate your account we adopted an SMS method, it'll cost aprox. 2€, with that payment/activation it's included a bonus of 1000LegendCoins. The money colect to actived the accounts will be used to improve the server qualaty, and to pay server costs
How to Active your Account?

Step 1- click the "DaoPay"

Step 2-Choose Method of Payment "SMS / Call"

Step 3-Send an email to with the following data

. Code Payment Service "DaoPay.

. Account ID you want to activate

How to get the PinCode? At the end of the payment it will open a new window,In the top of this window is located the Pin Code.

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